Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Hand

Take a look at the hand and tell me what you see?
Bones covered by flesh,
Veins, tendons, and ligaments,
Palm and knuckles,
Four fingers and a thumb.

Take a deeper look and realize
That the hand
Though it might be dry and raw, wet and clammy, old and wrinkled,
Is so much more
Than an appendage located at the end of an arm.

The hand is so special!
Ponder on how it has served you through your years.
Think of all the lives that the hand has and continues to touch
All the things that the hand has done
All the things that the hand can do.

The hand is nurture
The hand put food in the mouth and clothes on the back.
The hand can cleanse and bandage a wound
The hand can care for and encourage the growth of others.

The hand is inspiration
The hand can draw pictures and sculpt masterpieces
The hand can compose music and write poetry
The hand can influence others in so many ways.

The hand is Justice
The hand can shake in fist of anger when there is injustice
The hand can write policies and wipe away tears
The hand can and should always stand for what is right.

The hand is love
The hand can hug and caress others to show care
The hand can console those that are in need
The hand can show affection, appreciation, and passion.

The hand is hope
Joined by the other hand, they fold in prayer
To ask for forgiveness, mercy and grace

The hand is etched with Love.

                                                                           Christopher L. Desert

It is my deepest desire to be able to make a difference in the world.  I realize that I cannot change all the despair that I encounter, I cannot erase all the hurt that many have been through. But I want to make a difference....
I thought I had a plan.  Indeed, my ultimate goal was to return to Haiti and work with women and children after my graduate studies.  It might still be the case, but I am not so sure now.  My experience this year has been molding me.  I am sure that God has a plan, but I am not so certain of how God wants me to serve Her people. It is confusing, challenging, and frustrating at time, but I am learning to let go and let God!
As a case manager for two of the residents at BARN, my role is to advocate for them and their families, to help them get out of debt, help them set the foundations for a better life while at BARN, and guide them in order for them to transition into their own home.  But what does on do when the person does no want to help oneself?  What does one do when there is a lack of trust?  What happens when one’s client continue to fail? It is easy to give up.  It is easy to become pessimistic in such situation.  But then, I am reminded as the body of Christ on Earth, as the hand of God, we are called to be a blessing for the world.  We are called to create God’s kingdom on Earth.  And I am finding out out that is absolutely not going to be an easy task.  It takes patience and perseverance. And equally important, it takes love.
While I am ready to quickly change the situation (I want to do good and I want to change to happen quickly), I am reminded that “the blessings of the world starts small, grows silently, faces setbacks, but nevertheless permeates the world with love.” I hope that my time with the people that I serve continues to be a blessing to us all.  I hope that no matter how long it takes; I will be waiting and ready to wipe away the tears, to care, and to encourage.  I hope that my hands will be present to nurture, to inspire, to love, and to hope.  I hope that I can use my hands patiently to co-create a just world…
Throughout this Lenten Season, I hope that we can continue to pray for each other.  Please pray that I may become a more compassionate, merciful, and loving hand to the people that I serve.  And I pray that God’s loving care continues to be with you; I ask for God’s blessings as you minister to Her people.

Peace and Blessed Lent,